Find out the pros and cons of each type of hamster cage in this in-depth guide to choosing the best hamster cage for your pet. A Guide to Pet Chinchilla Cages. A count of ferret owners across the U.S. was unavailable, but the American Pet Products Association said that in 1992, 2 percent of people who owned a small animal like a mouse, rat, ferret, gerbil, rabbit, hamster or guinea pig said they had a ferret. The standard size chinchilla cage sold in pet shops is 18″-24″ deep x 24″-36″ wide x 24″-36″ high and is only suitable for a lone chinchilla (at a minimum), so the first first thing you will need to consider when buying a chinchilla cage is whether you will be breeding chinchillas, keeping just one chinchilla or a pair of chinchillas.

Cages made from storage cube grids and Coroplast, a type of corrugated plastic used in sign making, are the gold standard of guinea pig housing. If you’re in a hurry, you can find our pick of the best hamster cages right below the cut. In this case, it is desirable that the network was not painted, and inside it, there were no plastic products that the chinchilla will begin to nibble. The Lux Plastic Hamster Cage is a fun cage that offers hamsters endless entertainment.

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There are many different types and layouts of cages, as well as several factors to consider when selecting a cage (e.g., species of hamster, safety of cage, size), so you should take the time to learn about each cage option before deciding which one will work best for your hamster. The Tommy Plastic Small Animal Cage with Pull-Out Drawers is a classic small animal cage, with a no-frills design and everything you need to care for a rabbit or guinea pig.

This policy describes our current privacy practices for the Oath Search and Assistants brands, websites, features, products, apps, software and other services (Search Services”). A disaster for the population of chinchillas came with the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, who could not but be interested in this fine and unique fur. While most of FetLife’s pie-curious members aren’t exactly appetising, Eden’s a buxom, flame-haired, pigtailed phoenix rising from a pile of foodstuffs in her photos, a treacle-covered diamond in the roughage.

Finally, some hamster cages may be easier to clean than others, and this may impact your decision for a large hamster cage. If you keep more than one chinchilla in a cage – which chins prefer, as they as social creatures – make sure it has a minimum of 2 square feet of floor space per pet. One chinchilla needs to have a minimum size cage of at least 30 inches in length, 29 inches in width, and 18 inches in height (76cm x 74cm x 46cm). Syrian hamsters can comfortably live alone in a spacious wire or wire hybrid cage, but should not be kept in cages with tubes on or in them…they may be able to escape if they chew through the tube connectors.

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